Sometimes life’s struggles can be hard to put into words, so we figured we’d let some of our favorite artists do the talking.

By Bre Cura

Songs for the Drive Home

Got a 34 minute commute? Or maybe you just want to vibe while driving? Then yeah, this one’s for you.

By Claudia Cava

Alt Rock Your Socks

Here to rock your socks off, alt style.

By Claudia Cava

Love and Stuff

Hop in your bag and get ready to catch the feels.

By Bre Cura

A Playlist

Chill tunes for chill times.

By Matt Davis

And Another One

More chill tunes for more chill times.

By Tyler Sensenig

One More Time for the People in the Back

Still not chill enough? Here’s some more tunes.

By Bre Cura

That Good Shiz

Good shiz for good times (warning: some serious pop punk vibes).

By Claudia Cava


We also waited to write that 10 page paper until now.

By Matt Davis

Side Hustle

Just a lil one.

By Claudia Cava


In love with these tunes.

By Claudia Cava

Dance Dance


By Bre Cura

These Songs Were My Only Friends In Middle School

You probably ignored them like you ignored me

By Shannon Williams

Affection of Retrospect

Waiting for time to heal.

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