The Academic

Acting My Age is a 6-track dive into the minds of one of Ireland’s most prolific alt rockers, The Academic. After a stunning break into the European scene with their debut LP, Tales From the Backseat (2018)the foursome has evolved their sound from earnest indie to something almost pop-rock adjacent. Acting My Age delicately toes the line between modern alt-rock and a new-wave cinematic renaissance with its scene-heavy tonality. 

What is The Queue?

The Queue is a online media outlet (with the occasional print) dedicated to discovering and sharing music we genuinely care about.

Where are we based?

Philadelphia! But we have traveled/are able to travel to New York, Delaware, New Jersey and Virginia!

What kind of music do we cover?

All kinds! Shoot us an email at thequeuemag.com to show us your stuff!

What do we offer?

We love to write articles, do show/music reviews, photograph live events and conduct interviews and photo shoots!

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